Healthy Kids Community Challenge

Healthy Kids Community Challenge

Healthy Kids Community Challenge, Danforth East-York

Forty-five communities across Ontario have been selected to participate in the Healthy Kids Community Challenge (HKCC), which aims to unite communities with a common goal: promote children’s health and well-being through healthy eating, physical activity and healthy behaviours.
Danforth-East York is working on local initiatives and programming to provide better access to healthy choices in a way that work best for us and where we live.

Vania Tong, RD, CDE

Vania works as a Community Dietitian at South Riverdale Community Health Centre, specializing in diabetes and pediatric nutrition. Vania incorporates concepts of mindful eating during counselling sessions, aiming for all to have a positive relationship with food. She collaborates with clients to improve health, using motivational interviewing to help clients achieve their goals.

Garret Keown

Garret works as a community engagement facilitator and trainer with the Healthy Kids Community Challenge (HKCC) Danforth –East York. The HKCC unites communities with a common goal of promoting children and their families’ health through physical activity and healthy eating.