Parent/Teen – Interpreting

Parent/Teen – Interpreting

Presented by Shauna Gray and Maria Christopoulos

This interactive and engaging workshop is designed to help you achieve better communication, understanding and harmony within your Parent/Teen relationship

so that…

…the other party can hear your true message

…you can understand each party’s perspective and actual needs

…discussions are less elevated and more productive

…the ultimate outcomes are clear and overall positive

Improving lines of communication between Teens and Parents allows not just for better and easier daily interactions but positive results in the overall long-term betterment of these precious relationships.

Once mutual understanding and healthier forms of communication are established smoother and more appropriate actions/outcomes are naturally achieved.

Interpreting your teen/parent is essential to BOTH of your growth and your relationship, therefore this workshop requires both parties to sign up and attend first individually and then together.

Participants will come away from this 1.5 hour workshop having learned specific, easy, straight-forward and immediately useable tools and techniques to better interpret the Teen/Parent in their lives.

20 families maximum