Why a Symposium for Teen and Tween Boys and Girls?

DeSantos Martial Arts StudioThe mission of DeSantos Martial Arts is to Empower Lives Through the Martial Arts.  As a martial arts school with a background of giving back to our community, we interact with a wide variety of people on a daily basis.  We at DeSantos Martial Arts are interested in improving the whole health of our student body, specifically the tween/teen aged students, who are are experiencing many issues outside of our area of expertise.  Physical health, nutrition, mental health, exercise and mindfulness are all aspects of the whole picture of the health of our youth.  Troubles like depression, anxiety, eating disorders, self-harm, alchohol and drug abuse, stress, negative body image, etc appear to be on the rise in our community. Most times parents are at a loss for how to help their kids — they don’t know where to get help, or are afraid to reach out to others because of a stigma attached to what their family is going through.  We want to help these teens and their families to find the help they need for life to get better.

Our goals for the Voices Symposium are:

  • to provide a place where families of boys or girls in their tween or teen years can come to gather information and resources to help deal with health issues their family may be currently experiencing or for future possible use
  • to provide workshops for both parents and boys and girls aged 10-16 that bring different ideas about how to stay healthy in mind and body
  • to strengthen our connection within our community and help to de-stigmatize mental illness as part of the whole health picture for the parents as well as the youth involved.